Things You Need to Know about Licensing Cheap images

When it comes to using cheap images, people know they do not have free range of choices. As important as licensing is, it can be pretty complicated navigating the legal issues surrounding it. Getting stock images entails transgressions and repercussions. You do not simply copy and paste an image from the Internet and use it on your site. Here are some clarifications to help you understand licensing.


  1. Royalty-Free versus Rights Managed. What is the difference between these two? Royalty-free images refer to those you paid once and use as stated in the license. They give you an affordable way to use an asset in multiple projects in a single fee. On the other hand, rights-managed images have a specific duration for use. They are often used for exclusive use in a given territory or purpose.

Note: This does not mean that royalty-free license does not provide unique content. Some royalty-free images can only be found in the libraries of specific stock websites. They are not licensed by other providers.

  1. Rights to Photos are Non-Transferrable. You cannot transfer rights to photos. You bought it. You should be the one using it. The license is solely given to you and nobody else. If you have an agency and you are using the images for a client, be sure you are getting a license for use of that specific client’s projects.
  2. Legal Guarantee is Important. Do not overlook the promises that your stock image provider is making to you in the license agreement. Provided that you abide with the agreement, the stock image agency should not hold you liable for property or privacy claims regarding the image that you purchased. Stock image sites include legal guarantees that defend you and cover your expenses.
  3. Models cannot be Used to Imply Endorsement.  This is important. You cannot imply that a model is endorsing a product. You also cannot depict the model in a sensitive way without a disclaimer. You cannot imply that the model is experiencing mental or physical problems. You cannot claim the model suffers from substance abuse. You also cannot imply that he or she is engaging in criminal behavior or sexual activity.


Using cheap images has its own perks, but it also entails some risks. It is important that you are aware of both its advantages and disadvantages to make the most of the benefits and protect yourself from legal consequences. The difference between licenses, the importance of legal guarantees and the facts that images are non-transferrable and that models can be used to imply endorsement can greatly help you understand the nature of stock images cheap.

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