Shutterstock Coupon Code: Choosing the Right Image for your Blog

shutterstock-bannerShutterstock offers over 60 million stock images, illustrations and vectors, making it tough for you to find the right image for your blog. With all images on their best quality, you may find it hard to choose. The website offers so many great stock photos that make you ask the question – how can I identify the right image for my project. Here is some advice on how to make the best choice when it comes to Shutterstock images.

  • Know where you will use the images. There are millions of places where Shutterstock images can appear, based on the types of projects that require stock photography. In online content, the images can appear in the header, as background image, inside blogs, social media, as standalone images, and as designed images. Different stock images can be considered as an ideal fit. What looks good on social media may not look as good inside blogs. If you have an idea where your image is going and how you will use it, you will have a greater sense on what is right for your project.
  • Understand contrast.¬†If you are planning to add text or graphics to the Shutterstock image, you should identify areas with low contrast. Idea stock images for projects like these have areas with low contrasts so the text or graphics will have an even and consistent backdrop. They also make it possible for the text or graphic to have higher contrast with the photo. To create a great contrast, consider the color wheel. Select colors opposite one another to give focus.


  • Choose attention grabbing colors.¬†Attention-grabbing colors in images will stand out in social media. You can make the strongest connections with your readers through colors that elicit visceral response. To find an ideal image with attention-grabbing colors, you can again consider contrast.
  • Find an image that complements your message. Of course, attention-grabbing images are great as long as they do not distract your readers. Most stock images grab attention without diverting focus, however others are an exception. Simply choose an image that does not sidetrack from the main message of your blog.

Shutterstock Coupon Code


Now that you know how to choose the right image for your blog, you can proceed with the actual selection and purchase. Shutterstock offers licenses for both single users and businesses. Choose a plan that best fits your creative needs and your budget. Do not worry about the costs because the website itself offers Shutterstock coupons exclusively from Aside from that, it is also affiliated with other websites such as to give you further discounts. You do not have to worry about ruining your budget to get the highest quality images anymore with a Shutterstock coupon.

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