Useful Tips in Searching for Cheap Stock Images

Everyone wants to learn how to get cheap stock images the easiest way. Due to the increasing number of stock image websites, you have a wider range of options. You have many choices for your creative projects, but you also need to choose among the many websites that scatter all over the Internet. But, the search for cheap stock photography does not end there. Here are some useful tips in search for stock images.

Quick Image Search

By using the quick image search, you will be able to save more time. How do you do this? You enter a keyword in the search box and click the search or go button. Stock photo sites have different search features. Most allow you to search for one or more keywords. Others allow you to search an image number. If you search for keywords, here are a few things you should remember:

  1. Use keywords that use that describe the theme of the image you are looking for. When describing a motive, use substantives. For instance, use mobile or house. Then, add adjectives such as happy or rusty. Lastly, use verbs to describe action like laughing or sleeping.
  2. Use simple words. When typing keywords, you should use the singular form of substantives. For instance, instead of typing houses, type house. Also, use the infinitive form of the verb.
  3. Start every search with one or two keywords. Yes, you should start your search with only one or two keywords. It is better to filter your results or add keywords in your search results rather than searching for too many words at once.
  4. Do not use whole sentences. For instance, if you are looking for images with a man and a dog. Do not type “images of man with a dog”. Instead, search for images using the keywords “man” and “dog”.
  5. Use general keywords. When searching for images, use general keywords. For instance, use bag instead of tote bag.


Are you sure of what you are looking for? If you are looking for nothing in particular, you can browse through the different categories included in the stock image site. You can also get inspiration. Some websites feature categories that give you inspiration in what cheap stock images to search. These categories are always young, subjective and unpredictable. Whatever stock photo website you are currently subscribed to, you will surely benefit from these tips.

Advanced Search Tips

Most stock photo agencies offer advanced image searches. Each of them has different guidelines to use the advanced search effectively. Do you need further assistance in finding the stock images cheap you need for your creative projects? Visit your stock site’s help hotline.